Bushfire Breaks

Have you Prepared your Bushfire Breaks?

If you are a landowner or occupier within the City of Bunbury you have a responsibility to carry out fire prevention work on your property. This is even more important during the summer months when long grasses and other combustible material can easily catch fire.

For this reason, each year between 30 November and 10 May, firebreaks must be maintained on land that is bigger than 2,024 square metres. Firebreaks should be at least three (3) metres wide and kept clear of all flammable materials during this time. They should be located immediately inside all external boundaries and also immediately surrounding all buildings and haystacks situated on the land. If you have several adjoining lots, the firebreaks may be inside and along the external boundaries of the group of lots.

Properties that are less than 2,024 square metres must have all flammable material, except living standing trees, removed from the whole of the land. Three metre wide firebreaks also apply to all small rural holdings zoned as Special Rural under Town Planning Schemes.